Remember to get out there in 2019…

With the holiday season over and everyone settling back into their day to day, it was really awesome to reflect on the spirit of adventure, friends fun and food at the rink at Skyline Park. Capital One has been hosting a series of travel inspired events around Denver, helping to awaken the adventurer in all of us. The Destination Venture dome offers a chance for attendees to taste, experience and immerse themselves in different cultures from both Colorado and around the globe. It’s been such a fun experience being a Capital One partner, helping to remind me the joys of food, travel and friends.

If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen some stories from a live cooking demo with Top Chef host and judge Tom Colicchio. Along with activities like a ski simulator, ice skating, photo booths and lawn games, it was really great to remind myself to slot in some time to explore while I begin the new year.

Over the summer I was overwhelmed with work, not trying new things, meeting new people or seeing new places. With a short break from reality, I had the opportunity to be a Capital One Partner at Grandoozy and had the time of my life at the Destination Venture Dome. I had food from Top Chef contestant Carrie Baird, played lawn games with Bachelor Ben Higgins, saw so many great artists (shoutout to Phoenix) and got to step away from reality for a bit. It reminded me that I need to be conscious to stay out of the ruts day to day life can put you into.

Inspired by my time at Grandoozy, I made a conscious effort to travel more in the next months, making my way to Chicago, Seattle and Arizona. I got to meet new people, try new foods and learn about regional cuisine and its inspiration. It let me recharge, approaching things back home with a revived sense of wonder and curiosity.

It also reminded me of the inseparable relationship between food and travel, with Tom cooking up a dish inspired by his travels in both Italy and Denver; a bolognese made with Colorado Lamb. While I try new places and learn to cook new things this year, I’m going to be conscious of the foods inspiration and origin, bringing me around the world even when I can’t leave home.

It’s February, so that means back to reality right? Maybe to some degree, but this past weekend at the Destination Venture Dome at Skyline Park really was the perfect transition back into the hustle and bustle of life. It reminded me of the great times I’ve had and just how accessible things can be. Capital One wants to help Denverites explore their own backyard and the world alike, and help them to learn how Venture travel rewards miles can take them around the globe and back again.

Yes, It’s going to be a busy year for a lot of us. Am I going to have time to go to London soon like I wanted to? Probably not, but the spirit of adventure lives on and I’ll be out and about as much as I can; from Denver to Aspen to the rest of the world.

Go out and explore, try a new food, meet someone new, do something to surprise yourself.